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Windows 11 announced: Top 3 best features

Microsoft debuted Windows 11 a few days ago at a special event in San Francisco. It was obvious that the Redmond-based company was trying to focus on the Windows 10’s shortcomings with this new release. There are several new features. But is Windows 11 really that good? Here are the top 3 features from the event:

Microsoft released Windows 10 for the PC via Windows Update on July 29, but the big news was revealed a few hours later when the company officially announced its next-generation operating system, Windows 11. While Windows 10 is more of an incremental upgrade, Windows 11 is a complete rethink of the operating system, introducing a new start menu and even a new touch-friendly interface for the desktop. There are some big changes in store for desktop users too, with Microsoft finally bringing back the Start button in Windows 11.

Microsoft has announced its latest operating system for computers. It’s called Windows 10 and it’s the first major release of the operating system that Microsoft has made in about 5 years. The new operating system will be released on July 29, 2015. The operating system will mainly be available for Microsoft-produced devices, but will also be available for ARM-based systems.

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It’s official. Microsoft has just announced Windows 11 as its next big bet for the coming era. In a world where consumers are driven by the pandemic, the new version comes with features that help users work efficiently, game easily and consume content on the go. While making you feel at home.

During an online event that ended seconds ago, Panos Panay, product manager at Microsoft, staged the launch of Windows 11. We have seen firsthand the unveiling of a host of new and updated features in Windows, on a much larger scale than those revealed in the SE leak two weeks ago.

While many users have complained about the lack of innovation in Windows 11, mainly based on the information in the unfinished copy, we personally disagree after experiencing the launch event. Windows 11 will have game-changing features for many home users, gamers and anyone who works with PCs.

What are the three most important features of Windows 11?


New version

I haven’t seen a visual upgrade this big since Windows 8, but it didn’t go down too well. Microsoft is once again making major changes to the user interface and visual design.

The new design includes a taskbar with a centered Start menu and a smarter way to search for results. When you search for an item, Windows 11 looks for it on your PC, in OneDrive, and on the web. It’s also worth noting that the appearance is different from what we’ve seen in the leaks.

We also saw the transparency that makes the windows look like glass (pun intended). We have observed applications moving in and out of the user’s field of view while the application’s colors remain in the background. A newly designed light and dark mode are also present, all with almost ubiquitous rounded corners.

New themes and new types of window tiles have also been introduced.

Widgets have their own dashboard and various customization options. On tablets, this menu can be dragged to the right side of the screen.

Power extension

As I mentioned in the introduction, the pandemic has changed the way people work. According to the product manager, Windows 10 usage grows exponentially in this scenario, and Windows 11 comes to the rescue of those who work from home.

In this perspective, we see the addition of the following aspects:

  • Snap Layouts is a new multitasking feature that allows users with large screens to split them in different ways. You can then save them to the link group, which is then available in the taskbar.
  • Desktops – Users will be able to create their own desktops, as Linux has long allowed, with each desktop having its own icons, background and taskbar. This way you can easily switch between work and home.
  • The integration of Microsoft Teams is an easy and efficient move for Microsoft, as Teams is now present out of the box in Windows 11. No change of license has been announced.
  • Connecting External Monitors – When you disconnect the external monitor, the windows on the external monitor move to the main monitor when it is collapsed. When the additional screen is connected, the windows return to their original state without user intervention.
  • Vertical Tabs – The Edge browser now allows tabs to be stacked vertically instead of horizontally. This makes the windows look less cluttered.
  • Tablet support – You get voice commands, floating keyboards with scan support, tactile feedback when using a pen, and more.

Games and Xbox Pass

The best way to play is on PC, but Microsoft doesn’t play a big part in that. In an effort to make the store a place where you can play games that can decently rival Steam, some improvements have been added. Worth mentioning is the Direct Storage API, which allows you to load games directly from your graphics card, as they are faster.

Auto HDR will also be introduced in Windows 11, just like Xbox. Games played on PCs can now take advantage of HDR streaming without game developer intervention or player activation. According to Microsoft representatives, more than a thousand games will be improved.

Xbox Game Pass will be integrated directly into Windows 11 through the Xbox app, and players will have access to more than 100 games for a monthly subscription fee. You can buy games directly from your computer.

In addition, PPS will be introduced into Windows and integrated into the start menu and taskbar.

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