Win an iPhone X And Apple Watch Free Giveaway With PureVPN

PureVPN recently announced that it was giving away a jaw-dropping $10,000 worth of prizes to celebrate its one year anniversary. This is the company’s biggest giveaway to date, and it will give PureVPN’s users a chance to win a FREE Apple Watch, a FREE iPhone X, or a FREE iPhone XS!

PureVPN is giving away an iPhone X & Apple Watch to one lucky winner! PureVPN is a VPN that is offering an iPhone X & Apple Watch to one lucky winner. The iPhone X is expected to be available on the 14th of November. The iPhone X is the latest smartphone from Apple and it is the most expensive iPhone ever made. The iPhone X has a lot of features like a face recognition system with a iris scanner, wireless charging and a dual-camera system. The Apple Watch is a wearable device that enables wearers to receive notifications on their wrist. The Apple Watch has a touch screen display, a built-in heart rate monitor and a GPS.

PureVPN is giving away an iPhone X and Apple Watch to two lucky winners in its first giveaway. Whether you want to watch the latest Netflix releases, stream video content, or download music, PureVPN is the best VPN service for you. The VPN service is offering iPhone X and Apple Watch to two lucky winners.. Read more about setting up apple watch and let us know what you think.

End the year on a high note! PureVPN is giving away an iPhone X and Apple watches!

Yes! Yes, you read it correctly. PureVPN is back with the year’s largest freebie. It’s giving away a total of ’13’ iPhone Xs and ‘9’ Apple watches.


How Do You Enter PureVPN’s Free iPhone X/Apple Watch Giveaway?

To be eligible for the draw, you must first register and complete the required tasks.

iphone-x and apple watch giveaway with purevpn activities

Complete all 16 tasks to be eligible for the $17,000 in prizes. You will not be able to join the draw until you have them. Every action awards you points, and an Apple Watch requires a minimum of 400 points, while an iPhone X requires a minimum of 500 points.

The more points you have, the more likely you are to win!


450 Bonus Points


When Can You Enter PureVPN’s Free iPhone X/Apple Watch Giveaway?

This contest began on December 16, 2017 and will end on January 2, 2018. There will be a winner every day from December 21 to December 24, therefore there will be a winner every day.

iphone-x and apple watch giveaway purevpn days

However, from December 25 to January 2, the prizes will be increased since a new iPhone and Apple Watch will be given away every day.

iphone-x and apple watch purevpn giveaway last day

Make a note of these dates because a winner will be announced every day!


Who can win a free iPhone X from PureVPN?

Anyone may win it, regardless of their physical location or anything else. Simply sign up and begin participating. Because the more you participate and interact, the higher your points and chances of winning get.

To remain in the game, adhere to all of the giveaway’s terms and conditions.

The following is a sample of the terms and conditions:

terms and conditions for iphone-x and apple watch purevpn giveaway

more terms and conditions for iphone-x and apple watch purevpn giveaway

Please adhere to these terms and conditions, since they are critical for all participants. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will disqualify a participant from participating in the drawing.


Final Thoughts

For all iPhone fans, it seems like Christmas will arrive early this year! Make sure you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s never been this easy to win an iPhone. Consider a 13-day iPhone X giveaway, as well as a 9-day Apple watch giveaway.

Isn’t it impossible to imagine? We are aware of this!

So what are you waiting for? Go online right now and register. There are just 14 days left to enter for a chance to win the phone of your dreams. Everyone should remember that the early bird gets the worm!


So, do you think you’ll be the next fortunate winner?

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