Why Kodi Users Should Worry About Net Neutrality Rollback

In a column for the Washington Post, Steven Overly explains the “net neutrality” battle, and why we should be concerned about the FCC’s plan to roll back the rules.

Many people in the tech world have contributed to the life of Kodi, a popular media player app that works over a number of platforms. One of the most unique things about Kodi is the way it uses the internet to deliver content. It is very easy to use, and because it works over different platforms, it is also very easy to use with a huge variety of devices. However, some people believe that a dangerous threat is threatening the future of Kodi, and that threat is the rollback of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s net neutrality regulation.

Net Neutrality has been repealed! Down with Net Neutrality! I repeat, down with Net Neutrality!

The FCC accomplished exactly what we all feared: they repealed Net Neutrality for Kodi users, which we understand is devastating. The suspicions about it have intensified, and all online experts have begun to express their thoughts on various sites. The era of unfettered internet access, equitable bandwidth distribution, and free internet is gone. Users are no longer equal in the perspective of ISPs. It is, in and of itself, an online social division.

Despite the anger that this decision has sparked on social media, no one expected it to happen. Many internet groups and Kodi users have been impacted by this. Small internet companies and kodi streaming enthusiasts are the main victims of this entire ordeal. We do know that it is a major setback for Kodi users. Kodi users’ streaming bandwidths, privacy, and security are all at risk. ISPs will now throttle bandwidth for favored consumers, while the rest of the world suffers.

Users of Kodi will need to utilize a VPN since it is no longer a choice, but rather a must. Because it hides your location and allows you to watch Kodi broadcasts with more bandwidth. You’ll also get access to the restricted streams.

Kodi’s Net Neutrality Trend in 2017


Net Neutrality repeal will have a direct impact on Kodi users, since they would have to pay for online streaming. Quick and free internet streaming will be a thing of the past, and consumers’ privacy will be jeopardized. ISPs will be allowed to block Kodi users for no apparent reason or surcharge them for subscribing to specific content sites. The worst-case scenario is that Kodi users will be unable to view the broadcasts.

The FCC members will vote on whether or not to abolish net neutrality on December 14, 2017. The anger has swept across the globe, and everyone on the internet has spoken out against it. The public uproar, however, has failed to sway the committee’s decision to proceed with the proposal.

We can only identify a few consequences of this strategy, no matter how much we study it. The precise magnitude of its implications has yet to be determined. One thing we know is that it will impact not just users, but also small and growing businesses.

If Pai takes a stand against net neutrality, four things will happen to the internet:

Plans with Unlimited Data for Free

Consumers would be able to view specific material without having their data use counted against them by broadband providers. Verizon customers, for example, are permitted to watch certain NFL games for a fee.

Even while free data plans seem to be a popular concept among low-income customers since they would be able to access more free material, it would make it more difficult for smaller content producers to get attention, according to former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Kodi users, on the other hand, are free content consumers who may encounter limitations in watching all of the material accessible on the platform. Netflix and HBO will pay a large amount of money for higher internet connections, while Kodi users will have to stream on slower internet rates.

Fast Lanes on the Internet

Broadband providers will be able to offer faster internet connections to businesses who pay a greater fee, while slowing down internet speeds for others that cannot afford it.

It’s known as paid prioritization, and it requires video-streaming behemoths like Netflix to pay a large sum of money to ensure fast download speeds.

Small businesses are facing more challenges than ever before.

Abandoning net neutrality would benefit monopolistic firms like Google, Verizon, and Comcast. As a consequence, hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs have written to Pai, warning him about the harm his plan would do the sector.

Without a net neutrality regulation, internet providers would have the ability to choose winners and losers in the sector, according to the letter. ISPs will therefore prioritize customers who can afford to pay for paid material or who are premium subscribers. Third-party add-ons are available on Kodi, which will continue to draw the attention of ISPs. As a consequence, Kodi users will have restricted access to material.

Telecom Companies are now subject to new regulations.

Broadband businesses will no longer be regulated by the FCC, but rather by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which lacks confidence in its ability to oversee telecommunications corporations.

The FTC, according to critics, lacks the necessary power to alter regulations, as well as the ability to manage huge amounts of data.

Is it Possible to Get Around Net Neutrality on Kodi Using a VPN?

Every Kodi user is understandably upset with the current state of affairs. Every internet user is worried about how to get around net neutrality.

To safeguard your privacy when watching online, we’ve always advised utilizing a Kodi VPN service. However, if net neutrality is repealed, VPN use will no longer be a suggestion, but a must.

People are worried; will a VPN be able to circumvent net neutrality? Yes, it is possible. As a result of net neutrality VPN use, your IP will be hidden, and your ISP will no longer be able to limit you. In this case, a VPN will be your final hope for preserving net neutrality.

No DNS leaks and no tracking safeguard user privacy from your ISP, allowing Kodi users to watch without interruption.

How to Use TOR to Get Around Net Neutrality

TOR is a peer-to-peer network that protects you from web servers by allowing you to communicate anonymously. If you’re still wondering whether or not a VPN can get past net neutrality, try TOR. It may assist Kodi users by allowing them to connect to a peer-to-peer network.

TOR does, however, have certain flaws that may be dangerous to a user.

VPNs that support Net Neutrality or Tor?

Because it connects via a network of parallel-connected tunnels, TOR provides more anonymity than a net neutrality VPN. VPN, on the other hand, uses a separate geo-server and connects directly. As a result, DNS leaks are at an all-time low. Because of the quantity of servers and encryption function, VPN has an advantage over TOR.

However, if you want to plug all of the gaps, TOR combined with a VPN is the ideal option. Everything will be addressed, including better encryption, IP anonymity, a large number of servers, and privacy protection.

Opinions/Reviews on Kodi Net Neutrality on Reddit

This entire ordeal has generated a lot of debate all around the globe, and Reddit has become a hotbed of debate. There are some who support and others who oppose this reversal. One user expressed their thoughts on the situation:

net neutrality

Another user expressed a valid point of view:

net neutrality reddit


This person, on the other hand, thinks that the consequences of Net Neutrality that have been anticipated by everyone are incorrect and have nothing to do with Net Neutrality.


net neutrality reddit review

The ramifications have yet to be revealed, and until then, we’re all crossing our fingers!

Last Thoughts

For the time being, the FCC has yet to come out with a proposal against net neutrality that would formally put the issue up for discussion. Regardless of these conjectures, no one knows what would happen if the FCC considers a move to end net neutrality.

Once the FCC abandons the net neutrality regulations, Kodi users will be on the radar. Their only chance is the presence of large internet businesses on their side, who are likewise concerned by the upcoming restrictions.

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