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Product Redirection for WooCommerce Review: Redirect Visitors Easily

Let’s start with a few marketing facts: WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the internet, with more than 700,000+ active installations.  It is referred to as the “WordPress of eCommerce”, which means it can be used as an eCommerce platform and for all sorts of other purposes too.

In this article, I will show you how to redirect WooCommerce customers to different pages on your website using a plugin called Product Redirection for WooCommerce.

Right now, if you shop online, you’re probably following a few different stores to get the best deals. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably visit each store’s site, and check out the products they have before deciding on a particular retailer. This is a great way to save money, but it can be frustrating when you can’t find exactly what you need.

Managing and expanding a WooCommerce store is not an easy task. You’re dealing with a lot of things at once, bro. B. around inventory, pricing, design, ongoing updates, etc. In between all of this, you may be missing smaller tasks, such as. B. a finished product or deterioration of the SEO as a result of the disposal of the product. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, Poly Plugins has created a plugin that facilitates WooCommerce redirects. In this article I will take a closer look at the plugin and test its capabilities.

Overview: Product redirection for WooCommerce

Product redirection for WooCommerce provides a solution to a specific problem that most major products in the WooCommerce space do not offer. While there are products that offer a similar solution, they are often overloaded with other unnecessary features and end up slowing down the website. And I’m sure we all know how important speed is when it comes to growing a WooCommerce store. word-image-3661

So, what does the product redirection plugin for Woocommerce do?

The purpose of this plugin is to help WooCommerce store owners who are not familiar with SEO by allowing them to easily add redirects to deleted product pages. The plugin allows you to prevent WooCommerce products from being deleted and assigns the necessary forwarding instructions and notifications for deleted products. That way, you can easily redirect the traffic you get on one page to another.

Why is a bypass needed?

When a user sees a 404 error, they usually go back and follow another link, which is not good for business at all. Instead, you can direct the user to another page and say: This product is no longer available. See also our other products. When a product is removed, it does not mean that Google will no longer include it in its search results. If someone searches for AC DC Tshirt on your product page and sees a 404 message, they will just go back. This will send a negative signal to Google and affect your ranking. Another problem is the increase in bounce rate. To avoid this, make sure you have the right redirects (301 and 302).

Product referral features for WooCommerce

In my research and use of this plugin, I discovered some useful features worth sharing. Here are some of its features:

  • You can show a popup when an item is removed in the store backend, with a suggestion to add a redirect or notification. This will keep you updated even if you forget to add redirects.
  • You can easily add a redirect for each product, display a notification or add a landing page for products.
  • Related assets can be displayed below the message.
  • If an item is out of stock, you can post a message about unavailability and show related products below the message.
  • Since the product also handles the SEO aspects of redirects, you don’t have to worry; even if you get 50,000 hits a month on a product page, they will be redirected to the right page.

Hands-on work with product redirection for WooCommerce

In this section, I will install and explore the plugin’s capabilities on a local WordPress installation. The plugin has two versions: Free and professional. The free version is available in the WordPress repository, and with the free version you get the following features: word-image-3662 Continued from the article below

  • Be careful not to remove the products.
  • Custom referral options: parent category, custom URL.

In addition to these features, you get the following features in the Pro version:

  • Notifications on product pages when an item is no longer available.
  • Automatic management of products no longer in stock.
  • Custom redirects to landing pages.
  • Featured products under notifications.

In this guide, we will focus on the Pro version.

Installation and activation

The installation of the product is simple and straightforward, like any other plugin. You can download the plugin after purchase. Go to Plug-ins > Add new. Download the plugin and click the Install button. If the advanced custom fields are not installed, you will need to install them as well. In the future, you may not need to do this, as the developers plan to remove the ACF dependency in future updates. And of course: To use this plugin, you must have a WooCommerce store installed.

Backend and user interface

All settings and options are available in one area, in the WooCommerce tab. To access these settings, go to the control panel of your WooCommerce site. Now click on WooCommerce > Redirect. We’ll talk about it in detail, so stay tuned! word-image-3663 Here you see four tabs: General information, out of stock, license and support.

General tab

  • Pop-up window: This causes a warning message to appear when you click the trash button or delete a product. The pop-up window will look like this:


  • Disable Recycle Bin/Delete : When this feature is enabled, neither administrators nor other users can delete a product.

Not available Tab

In this tab you can determine what happens when an item is out of stock.

  • Not available: This check box contains all of the following options.
  • Notification of out of stock items: This option allows you to set a custom notification when an item disappears from the sale.
  • Recommendations for products not in stock : If you activate this option, related products of the parent category will be displayed.
  • Recommendations Number of products : This option allows you to select the number of products to recommend.
  • Recommended location: You can choose a location for the recommendations. You can choose from 9 different locations.


License tab

Use this tab to enter your product license. This is probably the first tab you will visit after installing the plugin. word-image-3664 Continued from the article below word-image-3665

Tab support

Although this option is available as a tab, it takes you to a new page where you can get help if you have any problems.

How to set redirections for WooCommerce products

Most options are available on the Redirect tab, but if you want to add redirects to a product, you can do so as follows. Go to the WooCommerce Products section in the WP admin dashboard. Now click on the Edit button of the product you want to add redirects to. Under the Text Editor tab, you will see the Forwarding and Notifications tab. It may be at the bottom, depending on how you have the backend set up. By default it is disabled, but if you want to add redirects, you have three options: Message(Pro), Redirection, Landing Page(Pro). word-image-8822 Just click on the option you want. Professional advice: It’s a good idea to display a hint or page instead of a direct redirect, because visitors may not understand why they were redirected and think there’s something wrong with the site. To display a notification, select the option on the Notification tab. Here you can enter a message using a text editor. word-image-8823 For redirects, you can choose to add a temporary or permanent redirect for the specified product. If you plan to return the product, I recommend doing a temporary redirection. A permanent or 301 redirect tells the web guru that the page has been completely moved to the new location, while a 302 or temporary redirect means that the move is only temporary. Then choose a new redirect link for the product. You can set a redirect to a parent category or a custom URL. word-image-3666 Continued from the article below word-image-3667 word-image-8824 If you want to reduce your bounce rate, the plugin offers a landing page option in the Pro version that allows you to add a custom notification and show visitors related products. The products are automatically selected in the same category. word-image-8825 When you are finished with your changes, click the Update button.

Prices and plans

If you want to display a landing page with relevant features when you refer your audience, you should purchase the Pro version. The Pro version costs $20 for one site, $80 for 5 sites and $220 for an unlimited number of sites. For this price you get one year of premium support and updates. You can also purchase the Poly Plugins All-Access Pass for $399.

Last pick-up: Product redirection for WooCommerce

I’ve tested Product Redirects thoroughly, and from my analysis, it’s a decent plugin that does the job. Another advantage of this plugin is that it does not contain any unnecessary features that weigh down the code. It is better to have a plugin with less features and good functionality than a plugin with more features that might end up breaking your website. By the way, Poly Plugins also accepts feature requests, so if you need a specific feature, you can contact the team. If you want to try Product Redirects for WooCommerce, you can get the Pro version here. If you want to try the free version first, you can download it from the WordPress repository. How do you manage redirects for your website? Are you using a plugin other than Products Redirects for WooCommerce? Tell us in the comments section! Get product redirections for WooCommerce word-image-8826WooCommerce is great for taking eCommerce projects to the next level, allowing you to sell a wide array of products and shipping options to your customers. But sometimes your website visitors may decide to leave without completing their purchases. The solution is to use a product redirect plugin of your choice and redirect your visitors to a new page whenever they leave the checkout page. This will let them complete their purchase and secure their new purchase without ever leaving the store.. Read more about woocommerce product category redirect to page and let us know what you think.

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