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I am sure that everyone out there is already aware of the fact that Netflix is a service that provides unlimited movies and TV-series online and has been one of the most popular internet based streaming platforms for a while now. It is something that has been welcomed by many people all over the world. However, if you are in the United States or Japan, then you may not be able to access this service. This is because Netflix only allows people who are located outside of these countries to use their service.

PIA is a VPN service that compresses your internet traffic and encrypts it so that it can’t be read by anyone in the middle, including your ISP. This means that you can use services such as Netflix, which blocks many VPN locations, or websites that are blocked in your country and have a built-in proxy for you to use. PIA also keeps no logs and does not monitor your traffic, so you can use PIA even if you live in places where there are censorship restrictions.

Privacy is becoming a hot topic these days, whether for personal or governmental reasons. Think about it: can you even read an email or browse the web these days without being tracked? If you used a VPN service, the idea of being able to browse privately is actually an understatement. This is why VPNs are so important to people who want to browse the web privately because unlike regular public Wi-Fi networks, VPNs encrypt all of your internet traffic.

Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment Netflix was one of the most often used VPN services for the streaming service. Many streaming enthusiasts across the world utilized the VPN to unblock restricted material and circumvent geo-restrictions. PIA stands for Private Internet Access, and it operates 3226 servers in 33 countries across the globe.

The revelation that PIA Netflix is no longer operational aroused some concerns in the streaming sector. This meant that PIA customers could no longer access the Netflix library in the United States from anyplace else.


Why Would You Need a Netflix VPN?

Although Netflix is the greatest streaming service accessible globally, many people are unaware that it does not provide the same material in every area. It features separate libraries for each area, and the material in each library is unique. Netflix’s URL stays the same in all regions: However, each region’s library is different when you log in.

The cause behind this discrepancy in Netflix libraries is due to content suppliers’ licensing and regulatory restrictions. In comparison to all other regional Netflix libraries, the US Netflix library contains the most and greatest programs.

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Netflix subscribers have a list of popular programs they want to see. However, their lack of availability at the library is a depressing issue for them.

Binge viewers are picky about their content preferences, and they feel powerless as a result of these limitations. Another issue to keep in mind is that customers will not be able to access the Netflix library in the United States since there is no way to move between the content libraries.

The only way to get around Netflix’s inaccessibility of material for users from other countries is to utilize a VPN.

You may connect to a US server and log in to your Netflix account using a VPN. The Netflix system will identify your disguised US IP address and provide you access to the Netflix library in the United States.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest method to view any Netflix program you want without any problems. Every VPN service has a number of servers located across the world, enabling you to choose your preferred location.

There is no other method to get past the geo-restrictions of the Netflix collection in the United States.


What Causes Netflix to Block a VPN?

The use of a VPN service for Netflix viewing has been steadily growing, and Netflix has taken note. The streaming of this material generates revenue for the license holders and content producers. And using VPN services to access this material caused them problems.

Netflix has been pressured by content producers and licensing partners to guarantee the secure delivery of their material and to ban such proxies and VPNs. As a result, Netflix’s systems were upgraded, and they began identifying and banning proxy servers and VPNs.

By comparing the location of your DNS and your IP address, Netflix servers may determine whether or not the person attempting to view the movie is using a VPN. Whether they’re the same, the Netflix server won’t be able to tell if you’re using a VPN. However, if there is a discrepancy between your IP address and DNS location, it will identify VPN use and display an alert.

If you use free VPNs and internet proxy servers, you run the risk of being discovered by Netflix servers. Because some simply route your data via several DNS servers, while others only disguise your IP address. Both of these protocols must be compatible, which they do not offer.

When viewing a separate Netflix library, using a trustworthy VPN service ensures your privacy and access.


Is Netflix compatible with Private Internet Access (PIA)?

I’ve seen a few articles and tutorials claiming that PIA can get around Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

Allow me to dispel this urban legend for you!

Internet access with a password Netflix does not work with unblocking Netflix since it used to offer Silicon Valley-based servers for accessing Netflix, but those servers have all been shut down.


Netflix was formerly a client of PIA, but it was a long time ago! Netflix access for circumventing library geo-restrictions is no longer available via PIA. Because to the Netflix VPN crackdown, PIA is no longer allowed to offer Netflix access.


Netflix Workaround PIA

Let that sink in since it’s not a huge deal. PIA doesn’t function with Netflix. There is a PIA Netflix workaround that may be used to watch Netflix, and if it does not work, there are a variety of different VPNs that can be used instead.unblock netflix

Follow these PIA Netflix workaround steps:

  1. Connect your router to any United States PIA server after configuring it to dd-wrt.
  2. Now, on your PC or laptop, download the PIA software for Windows and connect to a US server.
  3. Attempt to view Netflix after connecting your PC and Router to a VPN server. The geoblock will be removed, and you will have access to the Netflix collection in the United States.

If you find this workaround too difficult, consider utilizing an other VPN provider such as ExpressVPN, PureVPN, or NordVPN, which do not need any workarounds. In terms of restriction bypassing and speed, ExpressVPN and NordVPN Netflix servers are incredible.


Japan’s Private Internet Access

Many people think that the Netflix collection in the United States has the most material. However, I just discovered that the Japanese Netflix collection has more material than the US library, making it the world’s largest Netflix content library. When compared to the Netflix collection in the United States, it has approximately 300 more titles.private internet access netflix japan

With Private internet access Netflix, you may effortlessly browse the Netflix collection in Japan. To do so, just connect to a PIA-provided Japanese server. Go to Netflix and log in to your account after you’ve connected to a Japan PIA server. After signing in, you’ll have access to the whole Japanese Netflix collection.

Enjoy having access to the world’s biggest Netflix collection and brag about it to your friends!


Netflix Private Internet Access Review of Reddit

Access to the Internet in a Secure Environment Netflix has been chastised for not allowing its customers access to the Netflix collection in the United States. Here’s what Private Internet Access’ Senior Vice President of Customer Experience had to say about Reddit users’ concerns:

Every now and again, you run across individuals who have no clue what’s going on in the business, like this guy who has no knowledge that PIA no longer works with US Netflix:



Because PIA servers are now prohibited solely in the United States, PIA may not be able to offer access to the US Netflix library, but it does operate with other regional Netflix libraries. PIA has risen to prominence as a result of its high bandwidth speed and connection, which are widely sought after by binge-watchers.

Private Internet Access is an excellent VPN service, but its lack of Netflix compatibility has harmed its image somewhat. We can only wait to see whether rumors that they are working on putting up some additional IPs and servers in the US to give customers with access to US Netflix are accurate.

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Netflix is a wonderful streaming service that has the capability to stream movies and TV shows on a plethora of devices. However, with the constant update of Netflix libraries, you’ll find that it can be difficult to access the services on a daily basis. There are some workarounds to this problem, but they may not be ideal. For example, VPN services like Private Internet Access allow you to bypass geographical restrictions on Netflix and other streaming services.. Read more about private internet access disney plus and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access US Netflix with private Internet access?

To access US Netflix with private Internet access, you will need to use a VPN.

How many servers does private Internet access have in the US?

There are currently over 3,000 servers in the US.

Will a VPN give me access to American Netflix?

Yes, a VPN will allow you to access American Netflix.

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