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Opera GX vs Google Chrome: Performance, design, & security

Google Chrome is undeniably the most popular web browser out there, but it’s also the most controversial. The open source browser is the default on the iPhone, Google TV, and Chromebooks. It’s the browser that most people use on Android, and it’s also available on Windows and Mac. Besides being open source, what else sets Google Chrome apart from other browsers? Opera GX is another browser that’s inspired by the look and feel of Google Chrome, but it has a few unique features that set it apart.

When it comes to the world of web browsers, there’s a lot of choice out there. The big names include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox, but there are also a number of lesser known browsers to choose from. Each browser has its strengths and weaknesses, but which is the best? The primary goal of Google Chrome is, as the name suggests, to be fast. It is simple, lightweight, and gets the job done by removing all the clutter from the web. In order to do this, Chrome uses its own set of core components, which mean that you can’t change the way it looks. As a result, many people miss out on some of the more powerful tools that you get in

Click the controller icon in the top left corner and Opera GX will show you the list of games, upcoming releases, and tournaments.


Both browsers are based on the same kernel, so it’s not surprising that they’re fast. It’s true that Chrome is slightly better in the Jetstream benchmark, but in everyday use the difference is hard to notice.

Opera GX has a big advantage over Chrome: its use of resources. Chrome is known to consume a lot of memory.

The Opera browser is not only more efficient in terms of memory usage, but also has built-in tools for resource management.

The GX Control feature, which includes a RAM and CPU limiter, is one of the most interesting. Press the GX key and to access the CPU and RAM restriction options.

The GX command allows you to force the browser to use only a portion of your system’s memory and limit CPU usage to 10%.

This may slow down your browser, but is useful if you want to allocate more resources to games. Some players tend to leave the browser open while they play, and the GX command should help you allocate resources better.

If you’re worried about Chrome gobbling up memory space, the GX browser offers better control and is a winner in this segment.


Switching from Chrome to Opera GX couldn’t be easier. Just install the browser and you have the ability to import all data automatically from the browser.

This is common in modern browsers, but it’s still a nice feature. As far as extensions go, Chrome has the best browser extensions available through the Chrome Store.

That’s not to say Opera GX lags behind when it comes to extension availability. Extensions can be installed from Opera’s add-ons page, and Chrome extensions can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. Almost all the Chrome extensions we installed on Opera GX worked without any problem.

Opera GX offers a number of features that Chrome does not. Starting with the built-in snapshot feature. Click on the camera icon and you can take a picture of the entire screen or of a selected area.

There’s more to it than that: You can edit created screenshots and add text, emoji, highlights, text blur and even selfies to your screenshot.

In addition to the snapshot icon, there is also a privacy button. Clicking on it will open the ad blocker and tracker features.

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The built-in ad blocking feature is a godsend, as you don’t need to install third-party ad blocking extensions to get rid of annoying page ads and pop-up videos.

Enabling the Block trackers option prevents websites from tracking users on the Internet.

Go to dark mode. Yes, Chrome does not have this feature. Google’s browser still doesn’t support full dark mode functionality for third-party websites. There are some extensions, but they are not reliable.

Opera GX does this job perfectly. Right-click on an open web page and select the Force dark page option, and Oprea will activate dark mode for that particular web page. This is an important feature that all web browsers should implement.

There are a few other unique features of GX that you won’t find in Google Chrome. We have examined them in detail below.

GX Cleaner – Click on the GX Cleaner icon in the left tab. Built-in browser cleanup utility for faster and smoother browsing. You can select and clear browser history, downloads, sidebar icon, cache and cookies.

Shortcuts to social networks and streaming apps – The GX browser provides quick access to Facebook Messenger, which opens in the browser. Then there’s the Twitch shortcut, which opens the Twitch web app in your browser.

You can log in and use the streaming platform without switching to another tab.

Play – The play button covers the three main audio streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music.

Spotify and YouTube Music work with or without a subscription, but you can sign into your Apple Music account and stream music without leaving your browser.

My Flow – My Flow is another unique feature of Opera browsers, including GX. This allows you to connect all your devices to My Flow to send messages and files between your mobile phone and your computer.

To use this feature, download the Opera Touch browser on your phone and scan the QR code.

Seamless integration between Chrome and Google services like email, calendar, documents, and Google Maps is where Chrome browser excels.  If you actively use these services in your browser, Chrome has an advantage over Opera GX.


Chrome browsers can sync almost any data on your device, including passwords, bookmarks, and history. It also provides seamless synchronization between all your devices, regardless of platform.

Opera GX also offers impressive synchronization for virtually every aspect of the browser, including bookmarks, speed dials, history, passwords, etc. However, it is still in its infancy.

Security and privacy

Opera GX has more privacy settings than Chrome. Plus, as a Google product, Chrome has always been a point of contention when it comes to privacy.

Chrome blocks third-party cookies and offers a browser cleaner to find and remove malware and identify dangerous websites, extensions and downloads.

Opera GX also offers most of these features and a few more. The built-in ad blocker prevents users from going to fraudulent sites, blocks all third-party trackers, and allows you to surf the web anonymously with the built-in VPN.

Cross-platform compatibility

Google Chrome is available on almost all major platforms, including Chromebook, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS and iPadOS.

Opera GX is a games-inspired browser, and it’s available for Windows OS, which is of course the only major PC gaming platform on the market.

⇒ Get Opera GX

⇒ Get Chrome

Opera GX offers everything Chrome can and more

If you want to customize your browser to your games and have broad access to streaming and social media platforms, Opera GX is your best choice.

It offers excellent security features, built-in ad blocker and track blocker, VPN for anonymous browsing and integration of popular social networking apps like Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit and more without leaving the browser.

Overall, Opera GX is the best browser for gamers and ordinary users who actively consume multimedia content online.

The customization options offered are nothing like what we’ve seen in other Chromium-based browsers so far. Resource usage control and enhanced privacy features make it a great alternative to Google Chrome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chrome faster than Opera GX?

Chrome, one of the most popular internet browsers, has been updated to include a “Turbo” mode, which is designed to speed up loading times. The mode is currently only available in the developer version of Chrome, but it could be rolled out to users in the near future. This has led to a lot of speculation over whether Chrome will surpass Opera as the world’s fastest browser, or whether Opera will be able to keep its crown. So which is faster? It depends. Opera GX is a browser that is used by many advanced users, simply because it is one of the most customizable browsers out there. Unfortunately, in recent times, Opera seems to have lacked focus when it comes to improving the browser. On the other hand, Google Chrome has been improving and enhancing its speed with each new release. Thus, Chrome has become the most preferred browser among advanced users.

Is Opera GX better than opera?

Opera has been a dominant browser for mobile devices for over a decade, but the mobile landscape has changed dramatically. If you’ve used Opera GX for a while, you may be feeling a bit abandoned by the company recently. They’ve stripped out a lot of features over the last few years, and the browser is lagging behind newer offerings from Chrome and Firefox in terms of features. We’re here to help you decide if it’s time to switch from Opera to a new browser. Opera is getting a lot of press these days, and while the media is focused on the big controversies (such as the Opera Mini browser allegedly running slowly on certain phones), there is a smaller but more important debate brewing: opera Mobile versus Opera GX. For an overview, Opera GX, which hasn’t been released yet, is a new browser that is supposed to be built for the users who love how Opera Mini and the desktop version of Opera work. To be honest, the only people who really use Opera Mini are those who live in areas with bad cell phone service. For the rest of us, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are about the same. On the other hand, Opera GX is supposed to be the browser for power users who

Is Opera or Google Chrome better?

The Chrome vs Opera debate is an ongoing one, and there are valid pros and cons to both browsers. Prior to the introduction of Chrome, Opera was the primary competitor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. (Opera still exists, but Chrome is far more popular.) Opera is now owned by a Chinese company called Qihoo 360, which also owns the 360 security software, and which has plans to keep Opera alive despite the introduction of its own Chromium-based browser. Google Chrome is the browser that started the modern age of browsers. Whereas beforehand you had to load a new page to use the internet, Google Chrome changed the game and allowed you to tab between pages. This minimized the use of the back button and made the browser much more efficient. Google Chrome is also the browser that popularized the use of extensions (so much so that Mozilla Firefox released their own extension marketplace).

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