Leechers Paradise: Best Torrent Trackers List Has Shutdown 2018

Torrent trackers are PPV of the torrent community, where you have a list of the best torrent trackers for the best quality and speed of downloading through torrent.

After a major crackdown on torrent site users and publishers, several of the more popular torrent trackers have shut down their services. For some of them, life as a torrent site was a nightmare. Â A torrent site is a website where users share files using a special protocol called torrent. The most prolific torrent trackers index the top torrent files and users can download them through its website.

With its most contentious aspect – the article will compel internet platforms to screen or delete copyrighted material from their websites – the Article-13 on Copyright is often referred to as “Article 13.” As a result, the “meme” culture has come to an end.


Leechers Paradise just called it quits after 12 years! The EU’s impending Article 13 legislation has dealt a blow to the service that transmitted 132 million peers of torrents.

Leechers Paradise’s Eddie stated:

“All uploads must be checked, according to Article 13 of the new EU copyright legislation. This is impossible, making this website unlawful. This is in addition to my ISP politely requesting that my site be moved out of their datacenter. “Leechers-paradise” is no longer a valid term.

The original website is unavailable:

leechers paradise quit shutdown

Leechers Paradise Statistics

Torrents have long been a topic of conversation. However, they manage to remain on their toes in order to maintain their services operational for their customers. In exchange, they put up with all of the fines and notifications throughout the year. Authorities such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Motion Picture Association of America, the European Union, and others have repeatedly declared them unlawful for distributing copyright material for free.

And it’s not only Leechers Paradise that’s gone down; many other sites have suffered as well, with Kick Ass Torrents being one of the most popular.

Leechers Paradise was more of a side project, since it didn’t make any money from advertising among seeders’ IP addresses. As explained by TorrentFreak:

“These ‘trackers,’ as the name implies, are servers that connect torrent clients sharing the same material. In a torrent’swarm, the IP addresses of other seeders and leechers are distributed to everyone so that material may be shared. DHT and PEX may accomplish the same objective, but trackers are more instantaneous and well-liked by file-sharers.

Unlike conventional torrent indexes, which may be financed via web-based advertising, standalone trackers are usually operated as non-profits. Indeed, many famous trackers have never made a cent and have been operated as hobbyist projects throughout the years.”


The Next Steps

Article 13 may or may not impact these copyright distribution channels, although it is more probable that many people dislike these original material distributors.

It comes as a disappointment to many torrent users across the globe, and no one knows what will happen next.



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