Kodi on Nvidia Shield TV | Best Streaming Device for Kodi in 4 Easy Steps

As with many other people, you may have grown tired of your Cable TV and satellite TV providers and have been eagerly waiting for the day when you can go out and purchase a new streaming media box that works with your TV’s HDMI slot. A few months ago, the Nvidia Shield TV was released and it was the hottest device at the time, but it is still unavailable at many of the larger online retailers.

It is a common misconception that Nvidia Shield TV is only a console device. While the Nvidia Shield TV is a great console for gaming it is also a great device to watch TV shows and movies. One of the best things about the Nvidia Shield TV is that you can stream all your favorite content on Kodi. The Nvidia Shield TV also has 3 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port. All these make it possible to stream content wirelessly from devices.

The greatest streaming video software, Kodi, and Nvidia’s ground-breaking streaming and gaming platform, Nvidia, can be coupled to provide an experience that no one else can. Kodi is a program that can be loaded on any platform to improve upon the current streaming experience, as shown by the fact that it can be installed on the Nvidia Shield.

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Take a look at this tutorial to learn how to install Kodi on your Nvidia Shield and stream your favorite entertainment using some of the finest kodi addons.


What is Nvidia Shield TV, and how does it work?

Nvidia Shield is one of the most well-known and dependable Android-based media players on the market. Nvidia is a worldwide famous GPU manufacturer and is well-known for it. However, coming out with the Nvidia Shield was a smart move since it increased competition in the streaming media console market. Nvidia’s position as the world’s biggest GPU manufacturer has aided its rise to the top of the high-definition video streaming platform market. The Nvidia Shield provides 4K streaming and a Geforce gaming experience.


How can I get Kodi to work on my Nvidia Shield TV?

Because the Nvidia Shield is an Android device, Kodi can be simply installed via the Google Play Store. However, owing to geo-restrictions, the Google Play Store is not available in certain areas.

  1. Boot your Nvidia Shield > Go to the Google Play Store
  2. Click search and type Kodi > From the appearing results, Select Kodi from the drop-down menu. developed by XBMC.
  3. Kodi will be downloaded and installed on your Nvidia Shield once you click Install.
  4. After the Kodi program has been installed, open it.

Install the finest Kodi add-ons now to get the most out of your streaming experience.

The Best Nvidia Shield Features for Kodi

The Nvidia Shield offers a few more features for streaming on Kodi, such as:

  1. Enjoy high-definition (HD) and ultra-high-definition (UHD) video streaming.
  2. The interface is simple to use and has a remote control function.
  3. Streaming at a high rate with improved accessibility.


On the Nvidia Shield TV, how do you update Kodi to Kodi Krypton v17.6?

The only method to update Kodi is to reinstall it after getting the latest version from the Nvidia shield. However, since Kodi is accessible on Google Play, you may upgrade it by following these instructions:

  1. On your Nvidia Shield, go to the Play Store.setup kodi on nvidia shield tv
  2. Go to my applications page.setup kodi using play store on nvidia shield
  3. Click on KodiNvidia shield for kodi
  4. After that, click Update. (If an update is available, the update option will be accessible.)


How can I get Kodi Jarvis v16 to work on my Nvidia Shield TV?

Follow these procedures to update Kodi Jarvis to version 16:

  1. On your Nvidia GPU, download the APK file for Kodi Jarvis version 16.
  2. Install the downloaded zip file by opening it. Click replace existing app if asked.


What is the best way to install Kodi addons on Nvidia Shield TV?

The installation process for any Kodi add-on on the Nvidia Shield is the same as it is for the PC and FireStick. On every platform, Kodi’s characteristics and interface stay the same, as does its installation process.


Nvidia Shield TV’s Best Kodi Addons

The following are the top Kodi add-ons for Nvidia Shield that we recommend:

  1. USTVNow
  2. iPlayer (BBC)
  3. Covenant
  4. Placenta
  5. Uranus
  6. Neptune Ascending
  7. Nemesis
  8. cCloud TV is a streaming television service.
  9. Planet MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  10. Maverick Television


Alternatives to Nvidia Shield TV for Kodi

  • For Kodi, there’s a Firestick alternative to the Nvidia Shield.

Amazon’s Fire Stick is a fantastic video streaming gadget for anybody who likes to take their streaming players with them. Because it offers HD quality streams and a highly user-friendly interface, the Fire Stick is an excellent option for utilizing Kodi.

  • For Kodi, there is a Windows alternative to Nvidia Shield.

Windows is, without a doubt, the most popular platform for trying out new software, particularly when it comes to streaming. The reason for this is the amount of flexibility and accessibility it provides. Windows is a fundamental foundation for virtually every platform, and it is an excellent option for Kodi.

  • For Kodi, use the Ubuntu operating system.

Kodi can be installed on Ubuntu, and it works well, although the installation processes are a bit more complicated than on other systems.

  • For Kodi, the Raspberry Pi is an alternative to the Nvidia Shield.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer board that may be customized to meet gaming and streaming requirements. This is one of the reasons why it’s so wonderful to use Kodi on since it can be installed and offers a superb streaming experience.

  • For Kodi, there’s an Apple TV alternative to the Nvidia Shield.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term Apple TV is probably another Apple-developed Smart TV. Apple TV is a digital streaming gadget that Apple created and built. Apple TV’s streaming capabilities are superior to those of Nvidia Shield, thus it’s a fantastic option to utilizing Kodi.

  •  On Kodi, the iPad can be used as a substitute for the Nvidia Shield.

If you prefer to stream on a tablet device and are looking for an alternative to Nvidia Shield, you should give Kodi on iPad a try. In comparison to other platforms such as Windows and Android, the installation procedure for Kodi on iPad is complicated. However, having Kodi on an iPad is a fantastic thing to have because of the iPad’s accessibility.

Final Thoughts

Imagine the fascinating experience you may have when you mix Kodi with a great platform like Nvidia Shield. NVIDIA Shield is a fantastic product created by Nvidia that has won the hearts of people all around the world. For streaming and gaming, Kodi on Nvidia Shield is a great option. There aren’t many systems that can broadcast in 4K resolution right now.

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