How to Setup Kodi Profile and Manage Multiple Profiles in Krypton & Leia

I have been using Kodi for a while now, and I have a few different profiles that I use for different things. I have a profile for Movies, TV Shows, a Live TV, and a Music profile. I primarily watch Movies and TV Shows through my Movies & TV Shows profile, but I also watch Live TV with my Live TV profile. I have a Music profile that I use for the audio tracks that I download, and then I have my Kodi Media Center (XBMC) Profile that I use for everything else!

Most of us already know how to setup Kodi on a single device. But what if you have to set up multiple devices at the same time? Well, this tutorial will show you how to setup each device individually and then synchronize them with one another. More importantly, we will also be showing how to setup multiple Kodi profiles and manage them in the same time.

What is a Kodi Profile, and how do I create one?

The Kodi profile feature enables users to establish their own area by creating a personal account and customizing their settings, all of which are password-protected. If more than one Kodi user is sharing a machine, they may each establish their own profile and manage their addons and content directories according to their preferences.

The profile feature enables users to customize their Kodi profiles by installing their preferred skins, builds, and add-ons without being disturbed by other users.


How do you create a Kodi profile?

The greatest thing about Kodi is its simplicity and ease of use, which sets it apart from other streaming software that may be difficult to set up. Setting up a Kodi profile is a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes to complete. To set up your Kodi profile, follow these steps:

  1. Kodi should now be open. and go to the Settings menu (gear icon)
  2. A new window will appear; from the menu, choose Profile to manage multiple kodi profiles
  3. To add a profile, go to the Profiles page and choose Add profile.What are the benefits of managing multiple Kodi profiles
  4. In the name box, type the name you wish for your profile and click OK.How to Switch Profiles in Kodi
  5. A popup will appear asking for the folder location. Simply click OK without selecting a folder.Kodi Profile Issues and Fixes
  6. You may now update your profile by adding a profile photo and adjusting your access privacy settings. To prevent profile sharing, set your choice to separate.edit your profile by uploading your profile picture and setting your privacy of access
  7. That’s it! Now you may use your profile and customize it to your preferences.


Profile for Kodi VPN

There’s no denying that Kodi provides fantastic entertainment, but you’re constantly at risk of virus assaults and government snooping on you. Because of the nature of the material they offer, many Kodi add-ons are illegal to use worldwide.

Constantly jeopardizing one’s privacy may have disastrous repercussions. To guarantee your privacy when streaming, you must have a VPN installed on Kodi. The greatest part about having one of the best VPNs for Kodi is that it protects your privacy with powerful encryptions and doesn’t expose you to the authorities naked.

Even if you’re using official Kodi add-ons via your profile, a buddy using a different profile on your Kodi might be using a third-party add-on. This may endanger your safety and privacy, therefore you’ll need a VPN to protect yourself. Another wonderful thing to know is that various Kodi profiles may utilize different VPN servers.


What are the advantages of having several Kodi profiles to manage?

There are many advantages to maintaining multiple Kodi profiles, including:

1. Separation and definition of media libraries

Every user enjoys customizing their Kodi to meet their own needs, and many users dislike it when others tamper with their customizations. As a result, if you’re sharing your computer with a buddy, you may keep your media library organized and limit access to your personal files.

2. Content access for children and visitors

Restricting children’s access to sexual material has become both essential and difficult in this digital era. You may have certain Kodi addons in your library that aren’t suitable for children.

Create a separate kids profile and install reasonably safe addons and repositories to limit them access to such Kodi addons. You may limit guest users’ access to your media collection and personal folders in the same way.

3. To put add-ons to the test

Many Kodi users like looking for new addons from time to time. However, in the process of testing out new addons, the Kodi library fills up with a slew of worthless addons. Then it becomes a headache to remove all of these add-ons.

You may save time by creating two profiles: one for testing add-ons and one for personal usage. If you want to check out a new add-on, do so in your testing profile first, then install it in your master profile if you like it. Profiling will save you a lot of time and make your life easier.


How to Change Kodi Profiles

  1. Kodi should now be open.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu (Gear icon)
  3. Click Profile Settings > Click on the Profiles tab
  4. Hover over the profile that you want to use > Right Click on it and Click Load profile option form the drop down list.

Kodi will restart, and the profile you selected will be loaded.


Issues with Kodi Profiles and How to Fix Them

Kodi profiles that are not good

Many customers have complained that their Kodi profiles do not function on their PC but do on other devices. This problem remained even after a new Kodi installation. Here’s a sample of a Kodi user’s discussion on the subject:

I’m haunted with a bad Kodi profile. Kodi addons from Addons4Kodi


The cause of the problem seems to be a Google certificate that needs to be updated. If you’re having trouble, try changing your network settings or upgrading your Windows.

On a new profile, keep the skin settings.

For every device or platform user, the most essential thing is to restore their preferred settings and data. Kodi skins are popular among Kodi users who want to customize their media player. However, many users have issues preserving skin settings while creating a new profile or updating their system, prompting questions such as the following:

Keep skin settings on a new Kodi profile.


Backing up guisettings.xml in your profile is the best solution for this problem. The skin and settings will be restored together when you restore it later in your profile.


How to Transfer or Copy a Kodi Profile from One Device to Another

Every app includes a backup function that allows users to back up and transfer their essential data and information to other devices. In the same way, Kodi has its own backup add-on, which can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.

It allows you to easily copy or move Kodi profiles from one device to another. To make a profile backup, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. From the left-hand menu, choose the Add-ons tab.
  3. Select the Box symbol in the upper left corner.
  4. Select Install from Repository from the drop-down menu.
  5. Go to Kodi Add-on Repository > Click on Program Add-ons
  6. Click Backup at the bottom of the list.
  7. Install the addon and access it from the program’s Add-ons menu once it has been installed.
  8. After you’ve opened the add-on, go to settings and choose a location for your backup file.
  9. After that, go to the File Selection tab and check the boxes next to the items you wish to back up, then click Ok.
  10. The add-on will be closed, and the home screen will appear. Reopen the add-on and choose Backup.
  11. The backup procedure will begin.
  12. Install the Backup add-on when you install Kodi on another device and wish to restore your backup to that device.
  13. When you open the add-on and choose Restore, all of your previously saved settings will be restored.


Is it possible for a Wizard to delete other Kodi profiles?

A user recently complained about a problem he had with Kodi after installing a wizard, which resulted in the removal of his profile. Look:

Is it possible for a Wizard to delete other Kodi profiles? Kodi addons from Addons4Kodi

Wizards have the drawback of replacing current user data files with their own. As a consequence, data and profile are lost. Remove the file “profile.xml” from the user data folder to avoid this problem. As a result, the user data folder will be changed when you install the software, but your profile will not be deleted.



The Kodi profile function is fantastic, as it gives users control over a variety of characteristics and freedoms on the platform. Many people are still ignorant of this function and its importance to them. Kodi Profiles is a useful tool that, when utilized correctly, may improve the Kodi user’s experience.



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