How to Add Subtitles in Kodi – 12 Steps Tutorial

There are several reasons why you should set up subtitles in Kodi. For starters, you can use subtitles as a way to watch shows or movies in foreign languages. Another common reason is to watch TV shows and movies on Kodi with closed captions. Finally, subtitles can also be used by some, especially those with vision impairments, to read along with the movie or show.

Subtitles are a very important part of movies, TV Shows, and software. But, where do you find them? Here’s how to add subtitles in Kodi, the popular media center software.

Since the release of v.13 Gotham, the development team has integrated subtitles inside the Kodi media center settings, rather than requiring users to download extra add-ons. Subtitle services may be enabled in all Kodi versions 13 and above by simply turning them on in the System Settings menu.

Follow our step-by-step guide for Kodi v.16 Jarvis to activate subtitle services in Kodi.

  1. From the Kodi Home Screen click System> Video > Subtitles



2. Select ‘Preferred subtitle language’ from the Subtitle menu.


preferred subtitle language setup


3. Scroll down the new list and choose ‘English’ or the language in which you want your subtitles to appear.


how to add subtitles on kodi


4. You may choose the subtitles you want from the subtitles menu.

  • Subtitles are shown at this location on the screen (I prefer at the bottom of the video)
  • Subtitles with 3D effects (keep this off for sake of buffering)
  • Use this typeface for subtitles (use default or simpler fonts)
  • Font size, style, and color for subtitles (use default)

5. All other subtitle options should be left alone.

6. Scroll to the end of subtitle service settings you will see two “Default TV Show service”&“Default movie service”

7. Click ‘Default TV show service’ to bring up a new box, then click Get More.


install subtitles on kodi


8. Install the following subtitle services from the list (you may install others if you can’t locate subtitles in your language):

  • is a website run by Opensubtitles. kodi


9. Then click on ‘Default movie service,’ which will bring up a similar window where you may add the same subtitle services as before.

10. Now that you’ve set and ready your subtitles, it’s time to see whether they function. To do so, go to Video Add-Ons.

11. I downloaded, installed, and opened Exodus, then selected the TV show Narcos. Click the Subtitles button in the video control box, then Download.


Netflix subtitles on kodi


12. A list of available subtitles for the video will appear. Subtitles should appear once you choose the one you desire. (If subtitles do not display, stop the video and restart again.) by opensubtitles


We’ll talk again soon!


I hope our tutorial on how to put up subtitles on Kodi was helpful in overcoming that irritating language barrier. Subtitles for your favorite movies, TV programs, documentaries, Japanese Anime, and other foreign entertainment may be downloaded in your own language. Before downloading torrents from quasar, remember to install kodi vpn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add subtitles to open on Kodi?

To add subtitles to open on Kodi, you need to use the subtitle addon. This addon will allow you to choose which subtitles file to play.

How do I automatically download subtitles on Kodi?

In order to automatically download subtitles on Kodi, you need to install the Subscene plugin.

How do I put subtitles on XBMC Kodi?

To put subtitles on Kodi, you will need to use the subtitles plugin. You can find it in the plugins section of XBMC.

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