Facebook Has New Tools For Group Admins

It’s been a year since Facebook launched tools to help groups manage their Facebook pages. It’s been easy to use, but the changes we’ve seen are minor, and we’ve been left waiting for something big. Until now. Starting today, Facebook is introducing a suite of tools to manage group posts, and it’s calling these new features Admins for Groups.

Facebook has finally launched new features to help group admins manage their groups. Some of these include a new ‘Notify me’ button to help users better understand and manage their group notifications, a new ‘Edit public posts’ button to allow group admins to manage the public posts in their groups, and an option to delete public posts and messages.

Facebook group administrators can use new tools to manage their communities, moderate conversations and learn more about their members. Facebook claims that more than 70 million active administrators and moderators now manage groups around the world. Here are the new tools Facebook is introducing to help administrators do their jobs more efficiently.

Administration building

word-image-10280 There is now an easier and more intuitive way to access all the tools, settings and features that administrators need to manage a Facebook group. View More information below Admin Home is a new one-stop shop for administrators to get information :

  • Find out what to look for in posts, users and comments.
  • Find important resources with a clearer, reorganized layout that shows what’s available in each category.
  • Access to new features to be introduced in the future.

Administrative assistant

Admin Assist is a new tool to moderate conversations and potential conflicts. Allows administrators to set criteria for automatic moderation of posts and comments. With these new settings, administrators can :

  • Limit group participation based on various parameters, such as how long the user has had a Facebook account or how long they have been a member of the group.
  • Reduce promotional content by rejecting posts and comments with specific links, with the ability to provide feedback to the author on why the content was rejected.
  • Use Facebook’s suggested criteria to protect the group from spam, maintain positive discussions, and resolve conflicts within the group.

View More information below Watch the video to see how it all works, just like the Shortcuts application on Apple’s iPhone smartphones: Administrators can view, add and edit criteria in Admin Assist to meet the needs of their group. Administrators have the ability to override certain Admin Assist actions or change and refine criteria over time. View More information below Facebook is testing a new type of moderation alerts, called conflict alerts, which use artificial intelligence to detect controversial or unhealthy conversations in a group. word-image-10281 Administrators receive conflict alerts in the form of notifications so they can act as quickly as possible. View More information below In situations where you don’t want to delete posts or comments, but want to slow down the conversation, administrators can set time limits. For example, administrators can temporarily limit the frequency of comments from certain group members and control the frequency of posting comments on specific posts. word-image-10282

Membership summary

Facebook is introducing a new overview feature that allows administrators to see a summary of what each member in the group is doing. View More information below A member summary may contain information such as. For example, how many times a member has posted and commented, or when their posts were deleted or disabled in the group.


The new tool allows administrators to resolve conflicts among themselves. View More information below Administrators of Facebook groups can now appeal violations of content posted or approved by them or other administrators, and content received from users. Appeals will be reviewed by Facebook to ensure the decision made is correct.

Label group rules

Group administrators and moderators can now highlight group rules in comments and posts, making it easier to share and enforce rules. Users can also flag specific group rules when reporting messages and comments to administrators. Source: Facebook News

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the administrative tools of a Facebook group?

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people. They are also a good way to get sucked into trouble.  These have become so popular that they are often abused by spammers, scammers and other lowlifes. Some of these people are so bold that they will ask you to spam or scam on behalf of them.  It won’t be hard for you to find out that they are in a Facebook group. Facebook has introduced an array of tools that are now available to group administrators, including a feature that allows admins to assign group members access to their own profiles. Group admins can now add members to their groups without having to swipe through their friends’ profiles, and admins can now edit the profile of a group member directly from the group’s timeline. In addition, admins can now search and add group members who have previously been removed from their group—an important feature that will be useful in dealing with inappropriate group members.

What is new with Facebook groups?

Facebook recently announced that it has made significant changes to the process of creating groups on the social network. Rather than manually creating groups, Facebook has developed an automated platform that automatically creates groups for fans, fan pages, pages, networks, or events. Facebook Groups is a tool that allows a group of people to create a group profile and interact with each other. The primary motive for making a group is to organize and manage your social activities. In this article we will discuss the new features that Facebook has added in the groups category.

What can admins do on Facebook groups?

The mainstay of communities on Facebook is their group, which acts as your meeting place for all your Facebook friends. But these days, groups are more than a means of finding friends. They are a source of activity, where people can communicate with one another in an environment that is designed for conversation. They are also a way to find like-minded people who can help you share information. Facebook added a new tool to its Groups admin panel, letting admins make more informed decisions about content, comments, and messages. Groups admins can now see how many members are viewing a picture or video, along with how many people are commenting on it. They can also see how many members are playing a game, and how many members are active on the site.

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