A Sneak Peak in the Life of a third-party Kodi Developer

As you all know, Kodi is a free and open-source media player application developed by a team of developers in the XBMC Foundation. The XBMC Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to maintain and promote the Kodi media player. It is their belief that the Kodi project will go on for many years to come, and that it will be a major player in the media player market. The XBMC Foundation is also working on making the Kodi player available through app stores, and they have been quite successful in doing so.

Kodi is a media center application that allows you to watch TV shows, movies and listen to music from countless online sources while also playing games. It runs on a variety of platforms and is open source software. Most of all, it is completely free and provides a platform for users to freely download and share the source code.

A picture always has two sides: the ugly and the beautiful, and a narrative always has two sides: the truth and the lie. Every side has something to offer that can’t be overlooked at any time.

There are constantly new trends that come in and create a buzz, but they eventually go away. Kodi and its third-party add-ons are now the most popular topic among streamers and binge viewers.

When we look into it, we can see that there are two sides to it: the users of add-ons and the creators of Kodi add-ons.

The opinions of people may be readily gauged by looking at the evaluations they leave on sites like Reddit, Quora, Twitter, and Facebook. Nobody, however, is aware of the developers’ side of the tale. How people feel about their own add-ons, the authorities’ retaliation, and a variety of other issues.

As a result, we decided to investigate the developers’ side of the story. In this respect, we reached out to Nick, also known as MullaFabz in the Kodi community, who is one of the most prominent third-party Kodi add-on developers. MullaFabz created the incredible Rising Tides Kodi add-on, which is popular for sports broadcasts.

The Adventure

Every developer has a story to tell about his journey, a lengthy path he has traveled. It’s crucial to understand the challenges that developers encounter in order to have a clear image of what it’s like to be in their shoes. As this industry’s environment is extremely dynamic, a developer must keep the requirements of ever-changing market trends.

Furthermore, while creating an add-on, a developer must keep the user’s preferences and requirements in mind. Above all, the developer must constantly be prepared to counteract any legal or technological issues that may emerge.

We began our discussion by inquiring about his experience as a Kodi developer so far, to which he replied in a straightforward and humble manner, stating that he has been just like everyone else, surviving and learning day by day. He also said that he is improving himself, which might be a sign that something greater is on the way.

According to Mullafabz, the three things that anyone starting in this industry should have are “Huge temperament, Patience and openness to change”. It is obvious that being a third-party add-on dev. is not that much fun because you are developing amazing things and getting nothing in return, rather getting barred by authorities. Therefore, the temperament and patience are a perfectly correlated answer with respect to the nature of the industry.

The Standard Operating Procedure

united for kodi

We asked him about his weekly routine and what he does, and he said he spends his time maintaining his repository, adding new add-ons, and interacting with his fans. In response to the question, he also said that the good comments and gratitude he gets for his and other industry developers’ work is what keeps him going during the difficult times.

The Reaction

Authorities have been on the lookout for third-party top Kodi addons and their creators for the last several months. Every day, an authority slams a repository or add-on, and this reaction has become a headache for users, who have to install a new repository or add-on from time to time.

You can’t blame the authorities since these add-ons aren’t in compliance with the digital content laws. On the other hand, any remuneration in exchange for the developers’ efforts would be warmly appreciated by the community.

We asked him how he thinks about the authority’s reaction while analyzing the present state of the business and its future. He responded despondently, saying that the reaction was unjustified. The creators invested a lot of time and effort into it with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

He, on the other hand, sounded extremely upbeat about the future of third-party Kodi add-ons, saying,


“They’ll still be there no matter what happens, despite the backlash.”

However, he sounded unsure about the future of Kodi, stating that although its destiny is unclear, it would not be easily wiped away.

On a more positive note

We’ve all read hundreds of reviews and suggestions on various sites. We’ve all heard people praising various add-ons and repositories, but hearing from the creators is worthwhile. So we asked MullaFabz about his favorite third-party Kodi add-on and repository, and he said he doesn’t have a favorite add-on, but his favorite repo is TVADDONSAG Repo.

Without a doubt, TVADDONSAG used to be the largest third-party repository. It featured the finest add-ons for everything, including sports, movies, TV programs, and IPTV, but its demise left a large void in the market that many other repositories attempted to fill.

TVADDONSAG, on the other hand, was revived a few months ago, with the same firepower and quality that it had before. I have to give it to Nick; his pick is fantastic, and why wouldn’t it be? After all, he is a developer! He knows a lot more than the users do.

The Users’ Message

We asked him in the conclusion if he had any message for Kodi users, and he replied,


“Don’t give up on Kodi. The community runs and supports it.”


He also said that the users should band together and deliver what is due to them. Because users and authorities are unaware of the costs associated with creating an add-on.

Final Thoughts

This interview has given me a wonderful insight into the life of a developer. As a result, we’ve chosen to provide consumers with additional information like this so that they can understand what a developer does for them. In the future, we’ll conduct additional interviews and share the results with people to benefit the community.

It’s all for the express aim of bringing together both developers and users to complete the image. We want to create a platform that will empower the Kodi community. So that people may appreciate and support the creators of third-party add-ons, since that is what they need. They are Kodi’s lifeblood, and there would be no celebration without them!

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