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5 Solutions To Fix Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

Hulu has been around for a while. It is an online television streaming service for TV shows and movies. It is one of the many services that allow you to watch TV shows online, but Hulu is only available in US. This is a big drawback for many users who reside outside US. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can access Hulu in Pakistan.  Lets start with the basics. Hulu is an online service that gives you access to the latest episodes of TV shows as they air. It is not like video-streaming services like Netflix or Prime that offers access to full seasons, Hulu is more like a premium cable TV network.

Hulu is a hugely popular streaming service that is now available in almost all the countries of the world. However, the problem is that the videos available on their site are encrypted and the subtitle files are in different formats. This Hulu DRM error code DRMCDM78 is actually due to this format issue. In such of the problem occur, you may want to contact to Hulu customer service or follow the given solutions to fix this error quickly.

Hulu is a website that allows you to watch TV shows and movies online for a low monthly fee with the added advantage that Hulu will only allow you to watch their content on Apple and Android devices. So in case you are getting DRMCDM78 error code on your iPhone or Android device, you can easily solve this problem by using any of the following solutions. 1. Make sure you are using the official Hulu app instead of any other app. 2. If you are using the official Hulu app, make sure you have the latest version of it. 3. If you have updated the Hulu app and your DRMCDM78 error code is still there, contact Hulu customer support. 4. Another reason for this error code could be

Hulu subscribers often complain about Hulu DRMCDM78 error code when watching online videos on their computer. Hulu is a global channel for streaming movies and TV shows in different countries. Of course, Hulu’s servers are busy 24 hours a day. However, you must have a compatible device with updated software to work with Hulu and stream online videos. If your system has had a browser crash or the software is outdated, chances are you will encounter the Hulu DRMCDM78 error code. Mac, Linux and even Windows users have complained about this error code appearing when they watch streaming videos on the Internet. An error message appears: Error while playing video. We’re having trouble playing this video. If the problem persists, try restarting the unit – this always results in an error code.

Why does the Hulu DRMCDM78 error code occur?

There are 4 main causes of Hulu DRMCDM78 error code. 1. Hulu server problems: The DRMCDM error code may occur when streaming or downloading videos online if there are problems with the Hulu server. If there is a server issue on the Hulu site, you have no control over it. You’ll just have to wait for Hulu to fix the bug. 2. Worn-out browser: Using an older browser to access the Hulu website will result in error messages. Your browser changes its storage from time to time. Therefore, after a certain period of time, your browser will no longer be able to track Hulu’s streaming protocols. Updating your browser to the latest version will fix the DRMCDM78 error code. 3. Cache data has been corrupted: Is your Internet browser storing corrupted temporary files? The corrupted data disrupts the browser’s cache and causes a Hulu DRMCDM78 error code, making it difficult to use the streaming service. You can clear the cache after a certain time of using the browser to remove corrupted data. 4. IP/TCP problem : If your computer’s IP or TCP values do not match, it will cause problems connecting to the Internet. Of course, a poor internet connection prevents Hulu from pulling content from its servers. This will cause the error message in your system.

5 ways to fix Hulu DRMCDM78 error code

Now that you know the causes of Hulu DRMCDM78 error code, you can follow these four methods to fix the four different causes.

Solution 1: Check Hulu server status

word-image-3062 Did the Hulu DRMCDM78 error code appear on your system? Want to make sure it’s a server error? Check social media platforms or Hulu’s website for outage reports, IsITDownRightNow or Down Detector. 24 hour report: word-image-3063 If other users are reporting similar errors in your region, it’s probably a server issue and there’s not much you can do about it. You’ll have to wait until Hulu fixes the server error. You can contact the official Hulu support team for help.

Solution 2: Browser upgrade

word-image-3064 You should pay attention to browser updates on your PC. It’s like checking for updates to apps in the PlayStore. You can automatically update your browser settings to the latest version, or search for the latest version and download the update manually. An outdated browser can easily generate the Hulu DRMCDM78 error code. If you get an error message while watching a movie online, refresh your browser and see if the error message disappears. A browser update usually fixes all browser-specific bugs and errors. How do I update my browser? Update Google Chrome on Mac and Windows PC:

  • To update Google Chrome, open the browser.
  • Copy this URL: chrome://settings/help and paste it into the search bar of your Chrome browser.
  • Then open About Chrome If updates are available, they will automatically be downloaded > Click Restart when the update is complete.

Source: word-image-3065

  • Try starting Hulu and streaming the video.

Update Google Chrome on Linux:

  • Start the terminal > Type sudo apt-get update> Press Enter.
  • Press Y to confirm the prompt
  • Type or copy and paste the command sudo apt-get -only-upgrade install google-chrome-stable > Press Enter
  • Launch Google Chrome after installing the latest version > Open Hulu and watch the stream.

Update Mozilla Firefox on Mac and Windows:

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser > Click the hamburger button icon or the action button at the top right of the browser.
  • Select About Firefox > Allow browser to automatically check for updates.
  • Click Restart to update Firefox when the search shows available updates.
  • Press Yes to confirm and start the update process.
  • Restart your Firefox browser after updating > Open Hulu and check for error messages.

Updating Mozilla Firefox on Linux :

  • Start a terminal (for Debian/Ubuntu Linux) > Type $ sudo apt=get update > Press Enter.
  • Type $ sudo apt-get install firefox > Press Enter.
  • When prompted, press Y to confirm.
  • Launch Firefox when you’re done > Open Hulu and check for an error.

If you are using CentOS, Redhat or Fedora browsers, you need to use the GUI or YUM tool and run the following commands to update your browser.

  • Start the Linux terminal > Type # yum update > Press Enter.
  • Type # yum update firefox > Press Enter.

Solution 3: Clear browser cache

word-image-3066 The procedure for clearing the cache depends on the browser you are using to stream Hulu. Google Chrome users can take the following steps to clear the browser’s cache

  • Open the Google Chrome browser > Press Ctrl + Shift + Del.
  • Select a time slot > Select all hours
  • Press and check all options > Press Clear data.

word-image-3067 Clearing the cache in other browsers is also very similar to clearing the cache in Google Chrome. Tips: If your device isn’t listed, check out how to clear cache and data on Hulu for different devices.

Solution 4: Router reset or restart

word-image-3068 Internet connection can be one of the main causes of Hulu DRMCDM78 error code. Rebooting the router will probably fix the error.

  • Press the power button on the back of the router > Turn it off.
  • Unplug the router’s power cord from the wall outlet > Leave it on for 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord > Turn the router back on > Set the power switch to On. and restart the router.

word-image-3069 If restarting the router does not clear the Hulu error code, you can try rebooting the router. Note, however, that resetting the router will cause the router’s settings to be violated, including forwarded ports, blocked connections, or whitelisted devices. If you want to reset the router, follow these steps:

  • Locate the reset button on the back of the router. It is located in the housing, as manufacturers place it under the lid to prevent it from being accidentally pressed.

Source : word-image-3070

  • Open the back of the router with a screwdriver > Find the reset button > Press and hold it for 10 seconds or until all lights on the router start blinking.

If your router provider uses PPPoE or Point-to-Point protocol over the Internet, you will need to re-enter all the information provided by your provider. Once the process is successfully completed, your ISP will ask you for credentials to restore Internet access.

Solution 5: Contacting Hulu Support

word-image-3071 Contacting Hulu support via online chat is probably the easiest way to understand the cause of the problem and resolve it. To do this, you’ll need all your account information. Only the Hulu team knows the solution for a particular subscriber or device. Visit: OR word-image-3072 word-image-3073 Connect directly to Twitter: Simply Tweet your issue and the support team will respond immediately with a solution to fix the errors you’re experiencing on Hulu. OR word-image-3074 You can ask questions or find answers and helpful tips for Hulu here:


Resolving the Hulu DRMCDM78 error code is simple. There are four main reasons for this error. Understand the solutions for each of the four alarm factors, and the error message will be resolved as quickly as possible. See also How to fix other Hulu errors:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is error code 5 on Hulu?

We all love to watch our favorite TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment on Hulu – it’s a great way for us to relax and enjoy some down time, and if we’re lucky, forget about the problems of the world around us. But sometimes, even the best of us get an error thrown at us while we’re watching a show on Hulu, and it makes us wonder what on earth could be happening. But don’t worry! Just like any other problem in life, the answer to the question “What does error code 5 mean?” on Hulu is just a search engine away! You’ve just bought that new Apple TV and you’re excited to load it up with Hulu, but when you press play you get error code DRMCDM78. (If you don’t know what the error code DRMCDM78 is, you should probably stop reading and just ask your neighbor who has Apple TV how to fix it.) If you’re like most people, you probably never heard of DRMCDM78 before, and you’re probably wondering how to fix DRMCDM78 on Hulu.

How do I fix my Hulu connection error?

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and even some original content. But what happens when you encounter an error? That’s what we’re here for, and we’re going to tell you how to fix your Hulu connection error in the next few steps. There are a number of reasons why Hulu might not be working, and these range from your Internet Service Provider to the device you are using to stream Hulu. We’ll take you through some common issues and how to fix them so you can get back to binge watching your favorite TV series on Hulu.

Why is Hulu giving me an error message?

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming options for people who like TV, but it can be frustrating to use. UI changes, bug fixes, and licensing issues can all lead to errors on the site, and navigating the maze of Hulu error codes can feel like a guessing game. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most common errors you may see when using Hulu. (Note: We’re not affiliated with Hulu, and can’t help you with login issues, payment problems, or other account issues.) The goal of this website is to provide users with unbiased information on fixing the error message they get when trying to use Hulu. Hulu is a popular website that allows users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their computers and mobile devices. Many users have found themselves frustrated with the error message they get when trying to use Hulu. Sometimes the site is down for a day or two, but at other times users may receive a message saying that the website is unable to stream due to DRMCDM78. This error happens for many different reasons, but users can take steps to fix this issue and be able to continue to enjoy Hulu as usual.

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